Integrated Service Platform based on Smart Convergence Sensor Technology

Integrated service platform Based on smart convergence sensor technology

It provides various application solutions by analyzing data gathered from 3D LiDAR, Camera, and IoT sensors

Safety & Security Service

iSaver provides monitoring services to predict and prevent human and property damage from safety and security threats at urban and industrial sites and special facilities

Application Service

Provides People Counting, volumetric measurement, mapping, big data using 3D LiDAR and 3D ToF technology

ABOUT iSaver Integrated service platform

Provides various services using smart sensor fusion technology

A solution that provides various services
through correlation analysis

iSaver 3D LiDAR Sensing Technology

We provide a differentiated and innovative service
based on 3D LiDAR sensing


Light Detection And Ranging

Realtime 3D Image Scanning


Data Integration / Analyze / Visualization

3D Mapping And Surveillance

Autonomous Vehicles

Full range sensing, 3D LiDAR motion sensor that can classify 3D IMAGE

We can calculate the distance from objects by shooting a laser pulse, and by using those data we can draw surroundings exactly. Instead of using radio wave we use light. LiDAR is basically similar with radar but uses different electromagnetic waves so the practical use can be different. So the core technology is analyzing data with sensor by using 3D space analysis

Real-time area detection / trace / classification

Real-time 3D data analyzation/ visualization

Low light observation

Day and night observation

Various area detection setting available / stage by stage LEVEL set-up available

Overcame environmental elements
(rain, snow, fog, weeds, dust)

BUSINESS Differentiated innovative technology

Creates customer values by using
iSaver’s innovative system service

Physical Security Observes suburb of special facility

3D LiDAR is installed at ports, airports, and national facilities. It gathers data through 3D LiDAR and provides information

Observes dangerous areas Safety monitoring system buildup

Provides information using 3D LiDAR and 3D ToF to dangerous areas where safety accident occurs frequently

Enterprise management Provides enterprise management system

System integration is available by using SDK/API connection

Application service Personal value service

By using 3D LiDAR, 3D ToF technology people counting, volume calibration, mapping, and big data analyzation is available

REFERENCES Major performance

iSaver provides physical security and safety system
by using innovative technology

Harbor facilities

Observes smugglers by using solution based on 3D LiDAR technology.

Correction facility

Observes prisoners by using solution based on
3D LiDAR technology.

Local culture experience center

People counting solution based on
3D ToF technology.


People counting solution based on
3D ToF technology.


iSaver is verified by differentiated system
and innovative technology

GS verification

Registration of service mark

Copyright registration mark


KS C IEC 60529:2013

KS C IEC 60068-2-52:2010


KS C IEC 60068-2-61:2015

kS C IEC 60068-2-30:2014


Article of iCent and iSaver

Quanergy’s QORTEX DTC™ Solution Selected for Use at Major Security Facility in South Korea

iCent IP Convergence Technology Leader

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NI Business Solution

Network diagnosis

Network system plan

Technical support

Telco / ISP Backbone Network skill possession

Physical / logical network separation

Security Solution

Infra security consulting service


Cisco ASA5500-X

FireEye APT

Data Center Solution

Data center / virtualization

Network virtualization

Server virtualization

Next generation virtualization composition by using UCS

Desktop virtualization(VDI)

Cooperation working environment

IBM Business Partner

Physical security solution

iSaver solution(physical security, safety system)

- boundary management system

- safety supervision system

Smart Work & U-City

- DMS, Wireless

- Security, IP-CCTV

Corporation iCent CEO : Moon Won Sang
Company Registration Number : 211-86-91842
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